Why Us

Native Shield Global Security is 100% American Indian-owned and managed. Established in 2012, it is our mission to provide security services, security consulting, and military training services to local, city, state, county, tribal law enforcement, and military agencies.


The following is a list of our certifications.

Certified Combat Diving

Certified Military Free Fall Specialist HALO (High Altitude Low Opening)

Certified Special Forces Combat Tracker

Certified 11B38 Military Tactical Instructor Trainer

Certified USMC Combat Pistol Instructor

Certified in use of High Explosives and Breaching Techniques

Certified Special Forces Tactical Combat Tracker

Certified RIP Recon Indoctrination Program Instructor

Certified Infantry Operations Specialist

Certified Combat Shotgun, M-4, and Combat Pistol Instructor

Certified Escape and Evasion Survival Instructor

Certified Heavy Weapons Leader TOW, Javelin, M-2 50cal, 240B


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